China Standard 55 Series PTO Shaft Replacement of Weasler with Free Design Custom

PTO Shaft Replacement of Weasler 55 Series

Replacement Weasler Series 55 PTO Shaft

  • 1-3/8″- 6 Spline Slide-Lock Tractor Yoke
  • Requires Cross Kit.
  • Requires Implement Yoke.
  • 106 HP @ 540 RPM
  • 48″ Compressed Length (Dim. A)

Specifications Of 55 Series PTO shaft

Spec. Imperial Metric
Bore 1 Minus End Yoke
Bore 2 Minus End Yoke
Compressed (Closed) Length 37.38 inches 949 mm
Compressed Overall Length 48.00 inches 1219 mm
Connection 1 YOKE ARMS
Connection 2 YOKE ARMS
Extended Length 61.13 inches 1553 mm
Extended Overall Length 72.00 inches 1829 mm
HP@1000RPM 164 HP 122 kilowatts
HP@540RPM 106 HP 79 kilowatts
Length 48.00 inches 1219 mm
Outside Diameter 7.28 inches 185 mm
Shipping Dimensions 37.38″ L  ×  7.28″ H  ×  7.28″ W 95cm L  ×  18cm H  ×  18cm W
Shipping Volume 1981.08 in3 32464 cm3
Shipping Weight 41.90 pounds 19 kilograms
Weight 41.90 pounds 19 kilograms

Weasler 55 Series PTO Shaft Parts

Tractor Yoke Cross & Bearing Kit Shaft Shaft Weld Yoke
Slip Sleeve Tube Tube Weld Yoke Implement Yoke
Yoke & Shaft Assembly Yoke & Tube Assembly Drivelines Guard & Guard Bearing


The PTO shaft plays a vital role in transmitting power from the tractor to the attached implement. Components of a PTO shaft include inner and outer PTO yokes, universal joints, safety chains, and safety guards. There are several different types of PTO shafts to choose from, so it is imperative to choose the right 1 for your equipment and application.

Ever-power offers 3 different types of PTO shafts: North American, German, and Italian. Each style includes multiple series options, including a variety of bearing diameters, overall cover-to-cover lengths, and snap rings. The most accurate way to determine the correct series is to measure the outside diameter of the bearing cap and the U-joint from 1 end of the cap to the other. The position of the snap ring is another determining factor.

How to Measure PTO Shaft Parts?

Correctly measuring shaft parts is critical to selecting the correct PTO series size. Each piece needs to be measured in a specific way to fit the standard size. Follow the steps below to ensure you get the correct measurements and order parts for your tractor.

1. Measuring the shaft

To measure your shaft, you should first make sure it is in the closed position when the shaft is smallest. Use a tape measure to record the length from the outside of each yoke. This measurement is the closed length. Use this measurement to find the correct series size for your tractor horsepower.

Make sure you also know if you have shear pins, clutches or splined implement ends.

2. Measure the universal joint

When measuring a universal joint, measure the length from 1 outer end to the other. You will also need to record the width of 1 end of the universal joint. Use these numbers to find the proper gimbal size.

3. Put them all together

You will need both of the measurements listed above to find a PTO shaft part that works well for your tractor. You can use the PTO Yoke Size Chart to get the right size or use our handy PTO Series Discovery Tool.

PTO Shaft for Agricultural Gearbox

Agricultural equipment includes a variety of PTO shafts. Each 1 is connected by yokes at each end and rotates between 540 and 1,000 rpm. A safety shield is commonly installed on both ends of a PTO shaft to protect the operator. These protective shields are also found in tractors and agricultural implements, ensuring maximum efficiency. The use of internal yokes also provides added safety.

The agricultural gearbox is designed to change the output speed of a PTO shaft. It can be used as a decreasing or increasing ratio gearbox. With the decrease ratio gearbox, it reduces the PTO shaft’s speed from 1000 rpm to 540 rpm, allowing you to use equipment designed for 540 rpm. On the other hand, an increasing ratio gearbox increases the speed of the PTO shaft from 540 rpm to 1000 rpm.

If you also need the agricultural gearboxes, click here: and contact us!

PTO Shaft Manufacturer

1. Materials

Our company purchases steel from many large steel groups such as Hangzhou Steel Plant, Shanghai Bashan Steel Plant, Beijing Shuge Steel Plant, etc. The steel has good mechanical properties and chemical composition stability. It keeps the shaft high quality.

2. Manufacturing Process

①we have our own high-precision mold manufacturing digital machining center in a specialized mold workshop, the excellent mold makes the product beautiful in appearance and accurate in size.
②Sandblasting is used to remove the oxidized surface and make the surface smooth, uniform, and beautiful.
③in terms of heat treatment: we use a controlled atmosphere automatic heat treatment furnace,

3. Quality Control

Quality control is strictly enforced from the procurement of raw materials from the warehouse to the different processing processes, to the final packaging. 100% inspection during production.

4. Production capacity

Single PTO, 16,000 units per month.