Oil Free Air Compressor

Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressor

Pure Air That Is Certified to Meet the Highest Quality Standards

The oil-free air compressor models have no oil within the compressor. They’re ISO 8573-1 Class Zero (2010) certified and are silicone-free.

Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressor

The design is unique and allows low operating speeds, and lower temperatures, and both of these result in increased efficiency and less wear on components. Utilize a single-stage direct-drive motor that does not have belts or gears to increase efficiency. Limiting compressed air to the application requirements at a controlled speed makes sure that there is no waste of energy.

DH compressors feature significantly fewer moving parts than similar compressors, which means that there is less chance of error, as well as the lower rates and loads on balanced bearings, prolonging the life of the compressor element, and allowing to ensure low-cost operation.

Near isothermal compression can be achievable at operating temperatures that are below 60 degrees Celsius. This eliminates the requirement for an internal aftercooler and reduces the power loss and voltage drops.


Injecting Water, Silicone-free and Oil Free Air

Industries like Electronics, chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food, and Beverage depend on pure compressed air that is oil-free as a clean, safe source of energy to power production lines. Sometimes, the air comes in direct proximity to the item being manufactured therefore it is crucial that the purity of the air is maintained throughout the day. This can be achieved with this DH Series in the video below. Click the Design tab to view the video. It is the DH Series comprises the following characteristics:

  • Direct-driven compression element that is single-stage maximizes efficiency and reduces the need for maintenance
  • Water injection of the highest quality helps cool, lubricate, and seal during compression, maximizing the efficiency
  • A gearbox without a gearbox does not mean there is no requirement for oil to lubricate it.
  • Bearing loads that are low and slow speeds means sealed-for-life bearings are able to be used, with no oil-lubrication
  • Technology to regulate speed that can help reduce the cost of energy
  • Controls that are comprehensive ensure an uninterrupted and safe operation. It features remote communication capabilities.
  • A completely sealed and silent enclosure reduces noise and facilitates the installation