Oil Free Air Compressor

An oil-free air compressor is an air compressor that does not use oil in the compression process. This makes them ideal for applications requiring clean air, such as the food and beverage industry, healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

What Is an Oil-Free Air Compressor?

Compressors that are oil-free or without oil can be used in lieu of oil-lubricated compressors in order to reap the advantages of compressed air without affecting the air quality in industrial areas. Apart from being oil-free or oil-free selecting the correct compressor is dependent on the purpose for which it is used. If top quality is demanded according to industry standards like food processing, pharmaceuticals electronic equipment, an oil-free compressor is the most suitable choice.

Basic of Oil-free Compressors

A compressor that is oil-free uses air to draw air from the cylinder, which is pre-lubricated to ensure permanent lubrication and produces compressed air that is of identical quality as the air that is incoming, allowing the air to remain unlubricated. They are lighter, cheaper, and can produce the same amount of airflow (CFM) and pressure (psi) as models that are oil-lubricated. The oil-free compressors do not have oil in the system, which eliminates the possibility of polluting the air. They are pre-lubricated and do less work than oil-lubricated ones. They are able to do everything an oil-lubricated air compressor can perform, without the requirement to maintain it regularly.

Why is Oil-free?

In certain industries, compressed air used for production must be free of contamination. Food and beverage as well as medical industry are two of the most prominent examples. It is possible that compressed air could be purified to the level of purity you want however, many purchasers of compressors in these sectors prefer to buy one that has been designed so that it doesn’t release oil into the atmosphere.

Advantages and Benefits of Using Air Compressors Without Oil

Air compressors without oil offer a variety of advantages over models that use oil which include:

◆  Quality of air improved: models that do not use oil ensure the highest air quality that is, there’s no chance of contamination from the product or equipment damage due to oil.

◆  Energy savings: Compressors that are oil-free help reduce energy consumption and limit leakage, helping to reduce the cost of running them. Certain models come with control mechanisms to regulate airflow to save even more money.

◆  Environmental Impact: Models without oil generate no harmful or harmful byproducts and are therefore more environmentally more eco-friendly than compressors with oil injections.

◆  Additional Versatility: Thanks to its small dimensions and lighter weight, the oil-free model is easier to transport to use in tight spaces and in various directions.

 Oil Free Air Compressor For Sale

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Types of Oil-Free Air Compressors

In most cases it is the oil-free method that is the most effective option. Screw compressors without oil are available in a variety of designs and materials, providing the smallest configurations that handle gasses that have large quantities of dust, liquids, and other particles. These types of configurations are suitable for use with dangerous gases or corrosive ones or when contamination is a problem.

Reciprocating Air Compressors

Reciprocating Air Compressors

They use positive displacement to produce air pressure by using pistons. The major advantage of a reciprocating compressor is the way it evaporates the heat produced by compression. They typically come with lower power output than others, however they are still able to achieve higher air pressures.

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Rotary screw air compressors just like reciprocating compressors, utilize positive displacement to generate pressure. The main difference is that rotary compressors utilize the interlocking system of screw-running, not pistons. These models utilize carbon rings to stop oil from entering into the airflow inside the unit.

Scroll Compressors

Scroll Compressors

Scroll Compressors include a system with two screws, a fixed and moving screw that works together to allow air to enter the chamber for compression. When the volume of the system diminishes it compresses the air inside the loop. In the last stage, the air is moved to the center of the compressor, where it is cool.

The Compressed Air That Is Oil-free, Air Cooling, or Air Drying Solution That Your Business Requires


The majority of manufacturers depend on processes and environments that require dry, cool air. Although this air may not be always oil-free, it’s vital to keep it safe and safe. There’s no reason to buy any new equipment such as an air compressor which spits out small amounts of oil.

Air compressors that are oil-free as well as air dryers provide the perfect solution to keep the air clean and free of contaminants in the course of daily operations and when using equipment from outside for repairs and upgrades.

Why Choose Us

Class 0 Oil-Free Air Solutions

Our oil-free air compressors comply with ISO8573-1 Grade 0 oil standards to ensure constant oil-free air. Metal surfaces that contact air inside the compressor are covered with a food-grade sealant to ensure constant oil-free air free of metal particles. The ducts are coated with a special plating process to ensure that you get that the air is always clean and oil-free and also optimized rotor clearances to guarantee the same air flow.


Innovative Design and Technology Ownership

We are among the few companies in the compressor industry that designs and makes oil-free airends. Internal oil-free technology allows the compressor to offer maximum uptime and dependability. Our unique etaV rotor design maximizes air compression systems through minimizing loss of pressure and increasing the efficiency of stage.


Lower Cost of Ownership

Our team’s oil-free air technology maximizes efficiency by reducing the waste of energy within pressure drops. Our oil-free technology allows for easy maintenance and lowers operating expenses by providing easy access to the air components.


Maximum Performance and Reliability

Our mainframe housings and rotors are coated with food-grade PTFE PVC to resist corrosion and endure temperatures as high as 250degC to ensure long-term durability without losing effectiveness.

Trust Compressed Air Technology to Meet Your Oil-free Air Compressor Needs

No matter your industry and the size of your operation, our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect oil-free air compressor for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.